Automatic Electric Gun (AEG), Gas Blowback (GBB), Non-Blowback (NBB), Spring Cocking Hop Up Airsoft Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Machineguns and Pistols. Accessories, custom parts and upgrades.
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Purchase airsoft gun products direct from the manufacturing country. Your savings will be substantial, in excess of hundreds of dollars in single purchases! All of list prices are in Japanese Yen, but customers can pay in their native currency.

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All items displayed are in stock and orders are delivered immediately from the payment.

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New airsoft gun products arrive here first with discount Japan prices. Check often for latest airsoft gun products from top makers like Tokyo Marui, LayLax, Maruzen, Marushin, Tanaka, Systema, Western Arms, etc.

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Find rare airsoft and model gun products from custom makers, Asahi, CMC, JAC, Hudson, MGC, Tanaka, Shoei, YE, etc. We provide these models on first-come-first-served basis. Keep checking back because we get new stock frequently. Please utilize our special request department.

Japan Airsoft is an airsoft, softair and replica gun specialized company that provides customized service to the foreign airsoft and replica gun enthusiasts worldwide. We are a customer friendly professional retailer and wholesaler from you can find anything you need from the motherland of airsoft, Japan.

We are experienced in shipping to overseas countries and guarantee successful delivery to those countries where airsoft is legal.

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Please contact us for purchase of Japanese custom and rare models (airsoft & model gun inquiries are both accepted). We have experience of airsoft guns for more than 15 years and are willing to help you on personal level. We also provide models from high-level Japanese custom shops and specialists.

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Please utilize us to purchase and reserve the latest releases. We stock latest items immediately on the release day.

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